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Video Press Kit 2015




It's been said "He is a painter of songs..." So this is Chris Taylor, a singer, songwriter, visual and graphic artist living in San Antonio, TX. Born from the sounds of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and U2 as Taylor makes sounds and songs all his own. Twenty six years of making live music and records, he has worked with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and Matt Slocum of Sixpence None The Richer, among others. He's recorded music both locally, in California and Nashville and has toured extensively through the United States.

The album “Daylight" is available now on CD or download via these fine retailers:

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"I paint all the time. Original artwork on canvas. I also do commissioned pieces for friends and fans along the way. I sell my originals and hi quality Limited Edition Prints as well. Check them out here."





Oscar Wilde said, "One should either BE a work of art, or WEAR a work of art." I'm trying to do and provide both. You can order my T shirts right here




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Music and art come from the same place.Somewhere behind the face. Deep inside, not outer space. It can be the sun in the day or the moon at night. A black light when things aren't right. When you're coming apart, music breaks your heart. It tells you the truth when your eyes and lips lie. Your head in the gutter. Your eyes to the skies.






What I do is listen observe and report in wonderment of being alive then spread the news in verse like a troubadour.






You've just landed in Chris Taylor's World of music and artwork!

My brand new album, Daylight, recorded in September 2014, is available now on  iTunes, Amazon, Google + as well as your favorite online music stores! Feel free to scoop up a copy for yourself and then make yourself at home in Chris Taylor World...  

Creatio Ex Nihilo - April 2, 2015

Chris Taylor has been working on an album full of ambient, meditative songs with flashes of soul and sic-fi along with something called surround sound poetry. Chris Taylor is the visionary of this new musical adventure, playing keyboards, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, percussion, harmonica... Mitchell Connell plays lead guitar and effects. Onel Jimenez plays saxophone. Paul Soupiset spoken word poetry. 

You can get a sneak peek right here:

All New Merch! - March 12, 2015

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Daylight (Track by Track) - February 21, 2015

Daylight (Track by Track)

1. Every Little Thing - is about moving on mentally and spiritually from where I was... And being okay with it. “It’s okay to walk on through, to see the transformation of you” I was writing this song when I found out my mom was in the emergency room hospital, in Upstate NY. I could hear her voice in my mind saying every little thing going to be alright... At the same time I was so afraid she was going to die 1000 miles away from me. "Earth is shaking sky is falling I can hear my momma calling.” 

2. Little King of Everything - my wife is king of the castle… or queen… In other words… She rules my heart. (happily so) I liked the sound of Little King better. I love the way she looks in the morning as she sleeps while the sun is coming up… shining through our windows. “Come on sleepy head, come on back to bed.. let the morning sun shine on and on” ~ This is a not so simple love song with a killer guitar by Mitchell Connell. 

3. Dogtown - This was the state of my heart. Nothing to do with skateboarders in CA. “The changing of the seasons in this Dogtown…” My heart was turning cold. Wah wah guitars & acoustic rhythms. I dreamt this melody and had Onel learn it on his saxophone, I had Meredith sing it on vocals and Mitchell play it on guitar… It was a perfect trio of sweetness. This became the songs “bridge solo” - stuck in my head in a beautiful way. It is the warmth on a cold day.

4. Set Our Sail - is about how me and her are gonna make it through anything. And how God's grace is always there, even if the church community abandons you and judges you. And how ultimately, I bought the lie that God abandoned me in my darkest hour. He didn't.

5. Find Joy (Whatever The Day Brings) ~ I thought I was writing about someone else when I realized it was about myself. And how after I left the church over 5 years ago… my small community shattered. Friends became distant, I became paranoid, stayed home, focused on my family… years of self-doubt and self-hatred slowly turned into acceptance and forgiveness. I found out, I don’t need a community of 500 people that say they will be there for you… when the shit hits the fan… most of them won’t be there. The ones who REALLY matter, are the ones living under your roof. THAT is your community. Anything else is a bonus of love and true friendship.

6. Same Way Twice - I loved this line “Things Never Happen The Same Way Twice” so I built a song around it. Charlie Haley came up with the reoccurring guitar riff. I added fuzz upon fuzz to it… to make it sound like a 60’s glam jam or some lost Patti Smith jig. Mitchell Connell plays a killer solo with more fuzz. One can’t have too much fuzz. I love me some rock and roll fuzz.

7. Ragamuffin Song - it's about the physical and mental abuse I suffered while living with my father. And how I had carried this deep hatred for myself which caused me to do things I've regretted throughout the years. I’m not blaming him for my own choices in life… but it’ part of my history. I’d rather write a song than pay for therapy. I’d rather use that money to pay my rent.

8. Daylight - a song about transformation and redemption.

9. Slide - an experiment that turned into a song. That feeling of utter loneliness whether you’re in the sunlight or moonlight… as if nothing can comfort you. “All you want to do is slide right down… the arms of love… the arms of love” Like you’re trying to hide yourself in God but feel like you're a million miles away from whatever that is.

10. Goodnight, Goodnight - is a lullaby. Plain and simple. It’s my way of filling up your head with a sweet melody.

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