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Video Press Kit 2016



Before I knew how to do anything, I was a dreamer.

I saw what I wanted to be in my mind, so the journey began there. 
Anything artistic. Drawing with pencils and pens. Paints and colors. I felt the magic in the magic markers. And I heard songs in my head too.
I picked up an acoustic guitar. Then put it down. Frustrated it didn’t do what I wanted it to do. Music was math and I hate math.
Time goes by and I pick it up again. I was 18 years old now. I felt post punk coursing through my veins. Now I’m bashing the guitar into submission. I’m learning guitar chords and strumming rhythms. I’m hearing songs in my head that I knew I had to write… so I wrote the songs and painted the paintings.
And then I started painting my guitar. Not cool factory paint… I just drew and scribbled all over my guitar like it was a piece of notebook paper.
All these years later… I’m still doing this.
With more passion and intensity now than ever before.
I’d love for you to come along this journey with me.



It's been said "He is a painter of songs..." So this is Chris Taylor, a singer, songwriter, visual and graphic artist living in San Antonio, TX. Born from the sounds of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and U2 as Taylor makes sounds and songs all his own. Twenty six years of making live music and records, he has worked with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and Matt Slocum of Sixpence None The Richer, among others. He's recorded music both locally, in California and Nashville and has toured extensively through the United States.

The album “Daylight" is available now on CD or download via these fine retailers:

Lo-Fidelity Records - & Digital)
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My entire back catalog can be found at:





"I paint all the time. Original artwork on canvas. I also do commissioned pieces for friends and fans along the way. I sell my originals and hi quality Limited Edition Prints as well. Check them out here."





Oscar Wilde said, "One should either BE a work of art, or WEAR a work of art." I'm trying to do and provide both. You can order my T shirts right here




guitar out front


Music and art come from the same place.Somewhere behind the face. Deep inside, not outer space. It can be the sun in the day or the moon at night. A black light when things aren't right. When you're coming apart, music breaks your heart. It tells you the truth when your eyes and lips lie. Your head in the gutter. Your eyes to the skies.






What I do is listen observe and report in wonderment of being alive then spread the news in verse like a troubadour.






You've just landed in Chris Taylor's World of music and artwork!

My brand new album, Daylight, is available now on  iTunes, Amazon, Google + as well as your favorite online music stores! Feel free to scoop up a copy for yourself and then make yourself at home in Chris Taylor World...  

Black Swan ~ From the upcoming album "Never Ending Now" - May 10, 2016

Here is the first look and listen to the latest single from the upcoming album "Never Ending Now" due out in June 2016.

NEVER ENDING NOW - March 23, 2016



The first of 3 new albums is called Never Ending Now and it’s turning out to be a double album. Double albums are relics of the 70’s… but I live outside of the fads and fashions of the music and art world. I go with my own vibe… my own muse.


Never Ending Now is the first of what may be 3 brand new albums in 2016 - 2017. The music is coming fast and furious and I’m trying to capture lightning in a bottle. For my San Antonio fans, you will recognize many of the names of musicians on this new album.


Mitchell Connell - electric guitar

Justin Schneider - 8 string bass guitar

AJ Navarro - drums

Godfery Smith - drums

Melissa Ludwig - vocals

La-Kee Smith - vocals

Donna Siler - vocals

Monique Pearson - vocals

Onel Jimenez - saxophone 


and for those of you familiar with the national scene

Jeff Elbel (from the band Ping) - bass guitar

Anthony Gravely - mando-guitar

Bruce Neher - mastering 


Did I leave anyone out?

My mind is drenched in song mixes… I will put out an official liner notes for when the album gets released!


12 songs became 29 songs.

29 songs became 24 songs.

Aaahhh… where did those 5 songs go? They just didn’t hold up after repeated listens.


At this stage we are finishing up the songs this week and mixing and mastering as we go along. So there’s a flurry of activity going on at all hours of the day and night in my Creative Space.


When this album is finished, I immediately go into Kickstarter Album mode ~ Yes! Another new album - this time, I will be working with many of my musical heroes from some of your favorite bands. This record will be a Kickstarter project and you will be invited to be a big part of it… Stay tuned!!


If that is not enough… I’m working with Curt Saunier (former Love Coma touring bass player) and creative genius… on yet another album full of remixes and reimagined versions of some older songs along with some dream like beautiful soundscapes with a trio of female singers I’m working with from the Azul Experience. This music may only be available as part of the Kickstarter project. 


I’m tired.

Have I mentioned that?

I’m good tired.


Please stay tuned.

Help me share the music and the wild beauty of creating it with these amazing people.


Tune in. 

New Album in Full Swing! - February 24, 2016

Back at it today.

A flurry of activity has been happening.

Many song ideas are born in the morning & I capture them straight to tape.

In the afternoon, I have musicians dropping in to add their touch & figure out my melodies.

My head is full of ideas but things are going too fast to make sense of it all & this is a good thing.

I can make more sense in the mix down stage.

Many of the songs are born from acoustic guitars in alternate tunings.

Other songs are heavy electric groove & funk numbers.

It’s almost like there are two separate albums within this one album.

Black books full of handwritten lyrics.

Many lines scratched out and rewritten.

Some songs had no lyrics at all so I would record myself add libbing vocal parts until an interesting phrase or melody came about.

Sometimes up to 6 tracks of add lib vocals for each tune. I would listen, pick my favorites and move on.


I have this idea of recording alternate versions for many of the songs.

Here is a vibe filled acoustic version… brushes on a snare, congas, mando-guitar on other songs.

Then I’d have the “big” versions… full band, gospel singers… the works.

Two completely different versions of the same album.

That would be interesting.

Another idea.


I’ve got some amazing musicians playing on this album.

Some of them I didn’t even expect. They came out of the blue.

I don’t want to give away any names yet… but very soon!


Still no album title.

Out of 20 songs… only one or two have definitive titles.

Everything else is in motion…. constantly changing.

And there are even more songs to record.


That’s all for now… but that’s not all!



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