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About to hit the road with Michael Roe of the 77's and Derri Daugherty of The Choir for the Misery Loves Company Tour through October and November 2014... It's been said "He is a painter of songs..." So this is Chris Taylor, a singer, songwriter, visual and graphic artist living in San Antonio, TX. Born from the sounds of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and U2 as Taylor makes sounds and songs all his own. Twenty six years of making live music and records, he has worked with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and Matt Slocum of Sixpence None The Richer, among others. He's recorded music both locally, in California and Nashville and has toured extensively through the United States.


guitar out front


Music and art come from the same place.Somewhere behind the face. Deep inside, not outer space. It can be the sun in the day or the moon at night. A black light when things aren't right. When you're coming apart, music breaks your heart. It tells you the truth when your eyes and lips lie. Your head in the gutter. Your eyes to the skies.






What I do is listen observe and report in wonderment of being alive then spread the news in verse like a troubadour.






You've just landed in Chris Taylor's World of music and artwork!

My brand new album, Daylight, recorded in September 2014, will be out in late October and will be on iTunes as well as your favorite online music stores. I will keep you posted on the album release and upcoming tour dates right here! Take a look around the place...  

Chris Taylor's new album Daylight - October 14, 2014

Chris Taylor's new album daylight is available right now through iTunes, Amazon music and Google Play!

Daylight Is Here!

I want to thank Lo-Fidelity Records for working with me to make Daylight available to everyone at the click of a button! 
Here is where you can get my new album, released October 14, 2014
iTunes - Daylight by Chris Taylor
Physical copies of the cd will be available on October 17. 
Thank you so much!


Celebrating the upcoming release of his new album, Daylight, Taylor is embarking on the first leg of the Misery Loves Company Tour with Michael Roe of the 77's and Derri Daugherty of The Choir, through October.

"When I was a teenager, I would play my 77’s and Choir albums as loud as I could in my headphones (the folks wouldn’t let me listen to Rock and Roll in the house). I got lost in Michael Roe’s wild guitar solos and Derri Daugherty’s atmospheric sonics. I was deep down in the heart of Texas, and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever see these musicians in a live setting… let alone actually tour with them!! Well, it’s a surreal dream come true for me to hit the road with Mike and Derri through the last half of October and beyond. All the excitement of the tour led me to record a new album, called Daylight, and it’s coming out through Lo-Fidelity Records later this month! There is nothing more special than taking our music to people who want to hear it… We are so grateful to have folks all over the country willing to make this happen!” ~ Chris Taylor


Here is a complete list of tour dates:

DAYLIGHT IS COMING! - September 26, 2014

Chris Taylor and his live band... Charlie Haley on percussion, Onel Jimenez on saxophone and Mitchell Connell on electric guitar with special guests Jeff Elbel on bass, Meredith Payne on vocals and Paul Soupiset on mandolin have recorded 10 songs for a brand new album called Daylight. "I'm gearing up for a tour in October with Michael Roe and Derri Daugherty and this little EP bloomed into a full length album" said Taylor. Details soon on the official release date.

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