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Chris Taylor: News

Black Swan ~ From the upcoming album "Never Ending Now" - May 10, 2016

Here is the first look and listen to the latest single from the upcoming album "Never Ending Now" due out in June 2016.

NEVER ENDING NOW - March 23, 2016



The first of 3 new albums is called Never Ending Now and it’s turning out to be a double album. Double albums are relics of the 70’s… but I live outside of the fads and fashions of the music and art world. I go with my own vibe… my own muse.


Never Ending Now is the first of what may be 3 brand new albums in 2016 - 2017. The music is coming fast and furious and I’m trying to capture lightning in a bottle. For my San Antonio fans, you will recognize many of the names of musicians on this new album.


Mitchell Connell - electric guitar

Justin Schneider - 8 string bass guitar

AJ Navarro - drums

Godfery Smith - drums

Melissa Ludwig - vocals

La-Kee Smith - vocals

Donna Siler - vocals

Monique Pearson - vocals

Onel Jimenez - saxophone 


and for those of you familiar with the national scene

Jeff Elbel (from the band Ping) - bass guitar

Anthony Gravely - mando-guitar

Bruce Neher - mastering 


Did I leave anyone out?

My mind is drenched in song mixes… I will put out an official liner notes for when the album gets released!


12 songs became 29 songs.

29 songs became 24 songs.

Aaahhh… where did those 5 songs go? They just didn’t hold up after repeated listens.


At this stage we are finishing up the songs this week and mixing and mastering as we go along. So there’s a flurry of activity going on at all hours of the day and night in my Creative Space.


When this album is finished, I immediately go into Kickstarter Album mode ~ Yes! Another new album - this time, I will be working with many of my musical heroes from some of your favorite bands. This record will be a Kickstarter project and you will be invited to be a big part of it… Stay tuned!!


If that is not enough… I’m working with Curt Saunier (former Love Coma touring bass player) and creative genius… on yet another album full of remixes and reimagined versions of some older songs along with some dream like beautiful soundscapes with a trio of female singers I’m working with from the Azul Experience. This music may only be available as part of the Kickstarter project. 


I’m tired.

Have I mentioned that?

I’m good tired.


Please stay tuned.

Help me share the music and the wild beauty of creating it with these amazing people.


Tune in. 

New Album in Full Swing! - February 24, 2016

Back at it today.

A flurry of activity has been happening.

Many song ideas are born in the morning & I capture them straight to tape.

In the afternoon, I have musicians dropping in to add their touch & figure out my melodies.

My head is full of ideas but things are going too fast to make sense of it all & this is a good thing.

I can make more sense in the mix down stage.

Many of the songs are born from acoustic guitars in alternate tunings.

Other songs are heavy electric groove & funk numbers.

It’s almost like there are two separate albums within this one album.

Black books full of handwritten lyrics.

Many lines scratched out and rewritten.

Some songs had no lyrics at all so I would record myself add libbing vocal parts until an interesting phrase or melody came about.

Sometimes up to 6 tracks of add lib vocals for each tune. I would listen, pick my favorites and move on.


I have this idea of recording alternate versions for many of the songs.

Here is a vibe filled acoustic version… brushes on a snare, congas, mando-guitar on other songs.

Then I’d have the “big” versions… full band, gospel singers… the works.

Two completely different versions of the same album.

That would be interesting.

Another idea.


I’ve got some amazing musicians playing on this album.

Some of them I didn’t even expect. They came out of the blue.

I don’t want to give away any names yet… but very soon!


Still no album title.

Out of 20 songs… only one or two have definitive titles.

Everything else is in motion…. constantly changing.

And there are even more songs to record.


That’s all for now… but that’s not all!



February 2016 ~ New Music Blooming - February 18, 2016



I’m dreaming up two new records for 2016. I’ve got big ideas and high hopes.

I want to do another record in the same vein as Traveler’s Hotel and Daylight, both recorded in my home.

And I want to release a Kickstarter to do a big record with many of my musical heroes all on the same record together.


So songs started coming from thin air. 

I bought several big blank books just waiting to be filled with words and thoughts and ideas.

I had used a few different alternate guitar tunings on Down Goes The Day and Worthless Pursuit but it’s been a while since

I learned something new, so I chose some new tunings for several different guitars and started experimenting with rhythm patterns, 

melodies and old ways of saying the same new thing.


And then, when the red light came on… South Texas Cedar Fever hit me and has been with me for weeks.

I’m never one to record a “scratch” or temporary vocal. Every time I sing, I consider it to be a possible take. You never know what you may capture the first time around. I hate beating a song to death to get a “perfect” take that isn’t perfect.


But my throat feels like someone has their hand around it.

I’ve tried many different drips and drops and potions and pills… nothing has worked so far & I’m getting a bit paranoid.

The one good thing about this predicament, is that I can really focus on my arrangements and guitar playing.

I’m playing more electric guitar over my acoustic rhythms and I love it.

It’s another color.

It’s another texture.


I brought Mitchell Connell, who plays live shows around town with me, to do all the real sweet lead and added vibe to these songs.

He really is tasteful and up for anything my brain can think up.

He comes in the room with great ideas and comes up with happy accidents on the spot, as well.


There’s a song called Love Is Less where Mitchell really shines.

His guitars slicing through the gray.

And there’s 16 bars of acoustic chaos right in the middle… like “Where did the song just go?”

I love the unexpected.


There’s another song with the working title of “Sound” where it’s got this Spanish / Arabian thing going on.

It’s like nothing else I’ve ever recorded or written.

It’s strange and wonderful and nothing like it fills the bar rooms and coffeehouses of San Antonio.


But soon, my house will be filled with gospel and soul singers, throwing down in my creative space.

Bass player and songwriter, Jeff Elbel is adding his touch to many of these songs as well…


This is just the beginning.

I’m hoping my voice heals up and I return to 100% capacity…


Details on the Kickstarter album are coming in May… until then, it’s a blast making personal music with no rules and no one to say “No!”


I will be in touch!



Bill Mallonee Interviews Chris Taylor - January 16, 2016

An Interview with Singer/Songwriter Chris Taylor about his new album, “Creatio Ex Nihilo”

Chris Taylor

An Interview with singer-songwriter Chris Taylor about his new venture, “Creatio    Ex Nihilo.” by: Bill Mallonee

1. Chris let’s talk about the new album. It’s ambitious and a significant departure sonically. I’ve known you for years. The “old Chris Taylor I knew” delivered Folk, Pop and Rock with a heart-on-the-sleeve stance. Those are your wonderful “signature” sounds. (You can agree or disagree, btw!)
For those of us familiar with your past work, how would you characterize Creatio Ex Nihilo’s palate?

CT: I do agree! I come from a sort of unlearned, self taught, rag tag, rock and roll vibe through the years of my music. I think skill level on your instrument, mixed with the players you have available to you at the time, help dictate your musical style to others. As far as dreaming up Creatio Ex Nihilo, I was reaching for sounds I heard in my head like daydreams or distant sounds always out of my reach, in my own mind. So I felt it was time to strive for that, sonically speaking… and I knew that I had a few musicians who could help me achieve it.

2. Creatio Ex Nihilo has sonic textures and aural landscapes that sound like someone entering a different world. There’s a dream-i-ness there. It’s understated, lush and pensive. Pop superstructures & like arrangements are discarded. New layers of sound are explored. Is this an experimental record for you?

CT: I’m in a position of being able to do whatever I want to do. Musicians can do that in the beginning of their career and if they because very successful and sustain a massive career… they could do that again. Many years ago, I felt like a hit a ceiling where I was just stuck on Groundhog’s Day, career-wise. All the gigs felt small and similar to each other. I didn’t sell very many records… I wasn’t advancing or moving up… I was just being consistent and willing to play and keep recording. I’ve dreamt of making this album for many years. I did it for me, more so than for anyone else. It was as if my soul needed it as much as my body needs a shower.

3. Another question for you, Chris,
Upon first listen, I sensed that there was very little framework surrounding the songs; They were more like musical explorations. I heard things like that in a few of 70’s sorta of art-prog bands and even in Pink Floyd.  Even though much of that music came out of the so-called drug culture, I think ultimately it was a search for peace & transcendence. I sense that on Creatio, as well.
There is a noted leaning on the sonic textures of guitars and keys and as you said, less dependency on the lyrics and song structure. The musicians take their time forging an idea and getting it from “A” to “B.”
So: Is there an “average Chris Taylor fan,” and if so, how would you prepare him/her to receive” Creatio?

CT: Great insight and a very good question! To tell you the truth, I’ve no idea if there is an average fan of mine… I’ve been in a creative bubble for years… not selling many records and starting to not worry so much about selling records… just making music I love. Some things about the business of music fade away and the creative aspect comes to the forefront. So if you’re a casual fan of mine… or a die-hard fan… If you’re going to take a listen to Creatio… It’s like entering one of my dreams I’m having just before the sunlight rises through the windows of my room. There’s no hits, no catchy jingles… just moods, meditations & melodies, tapestries & textures… and my soul laid bare under it all.

4. I first heard music akin to “Creatio” back when touring the UK in the late 90’s. “Chill” music was the very term. I was attracted to it’s subtle textures and the mix arrangements were fantastic. Lyrics were typically downplayed, but your lyrics are one of the many strengths you’re known for:
On Creatio, given the different approach, did you find you wrote a different type of lyric and, if so, could you be more specific about that. Did the approach make it easier/harder to convey your themes?

CT: Because I only play rhythm and percussive type guitars & keyboards, I really focus on getting a lyric that is coming from a place that is genuine and has got some soul to it. I’m not going to dazzle anyone with my solo’s or fretwork, so the songs become all about the lyric, arrangement and dynamic feel. They’ve got to stand up in a solo live setting… and if I have a band, I can morph them into something else all together. With the songs on Creatio, I started humming musical ideas I heard in my head and capturing them on tape. They were lead parts for whatever instrumentation I would later choose… So a guitar or saxophone would replace my vocal. And the few lyrics that are on the album were never actually written! They were sung live on the microphone as I made them up… like some sort of subconscious thing coming out of me. I kept the bits that I felt weren’t a nuisance to what was already happening within the songs. The first song on the album “Look Me In The Eyes” this lyric just came out like a blast of a gun. I’m scat-singing and all of the sudden I sing “look me in the eyes when you tell me, I want you to see, my heart break.” And I remember this moment in my life that line could pertain to – and it was the saddest lyric I’ve ever written. But if I had a pen and paper… it would never have been. Funny thing, that lyric is surrounded by this joyful chord progression and sung with this beautiful melody with harmonies… so it doesn’t seem sad at all. I love how music works like that sometimes.

5. Chris, did you find that in writing the lyrics for Creatio that you were pushed to “conjure” a different set of images, different word play & phrasing than on your more acoustic/pop recordings? I ask because, in my own writing, I’ve always tried to make the tenor of the words and delivery fit the vibe of a song. The two things, music and lyric, should be married, and (ideally) should re-inforce the over-all mood of a song. You seem to have ably accommodated your lyric gift to the new approach I find on Creatio. Care to discuss?

CT: Yes! Lyrics are always flying through my head, scattered, in and out of focus. The music helps them form and take shape. On Creatio… I really wanted the music to do the talking so I knew if I was going to write any kind of lyric… The less I said the more powerful each line would become. It’s kind of like when you’re watching an intense drama… Great actors can say so much without saying anything. They could give a look or a movement that could explain so much to the viewer. My job on this record was to take layers and layers of sound and texture and weave them into sonic tapestries that revealed a side of my spirit that I’ve never put out into the world. Any lyrical or poetic statements were just signposts to give people a bit of direction but they are very much open to their own personal interpretations.

Brilliant. Chris, thanks so much for your time, your thoughtful answers and of course your great work! All the best to you and the new album!  ~ bill mallonee

You can listen to (and purchase!) Mr. Taylor’s new album at: 

New Album(s) Update! - January 15, 2016

The last two months have brought a flurry of creative activity for me. I decided to take the risk of doing my next album though Kickstarter and will reveal it to the world later this year. 

Albums?! Yes. Multiple recordings! 

First, a "big record" featuring a handful of some of my favorite musicians in some of my favorite bands I have been listening to since I was a teenager. Lots of surprises! Lots of recognizable names! More on this later...

Second, I'm working with Austin musician Curtis Saunier (who was an actual touring bass player in Love Coma) for an album full of re:imagined versions of songs from my back catalog. Some you may be familiar with, some songs never released - all songs - new and full of vibe. 

Third, an album of all new acoustic / electric solo and duo songs written and recorded with guitar player Mitchell Connell, who has played in my live band over the last few years. He's also played on the Daylight and Creatio Ex Nihilo albums. 

Dream big. 

I would absolutely love for you to be a part of my journey... from the ground up! 

Stay tuned for the official Kickstarter announcement later this year. Thank you!

Dripping Springs Songwriter's Festival - September 16, 2015

Chris has been chosen to be among many talented singer/songwriters in the second annual Dripping Springs Songwriter's Festival in Dripping Springs, TX. He will be performing live several times in different venues open to the public October 16th-18th. For a complete look at all Dripping Springs Songwriter's Festival has to offer, visit: 

Troubadour Thoughts - June 5, 2015

A peek behind the songs, thoughts, dreams and struggles of a traveling troubadour...

Your Words / My Music - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW - May 25, 2015

Facebook Announcement (Your Words/My Music)

CALLING ALL poets, secret lyric writers, people who journal, blog, keeper of unformed thoughts... I WANT TO TURN YOUR WORDS INTO A SONG! Click here for details:

Some of you have great ideas and words, like a big lump of clay but don't know how to mold them into shape. I want to help create a "sculpture" and turn your words into a song.

Your Words, My Music! - May 6, 2015




CALLING ALL poets, secret lyric writers, people who journal, blog, keeper of unformed thoughts... I WANT TO TURN YOUR WORDS INTO A SONG! Some of you have great ideas and words, like a big lump of clay but don't know how to mold them into shape. I want to help create a "sculpture" and turn your words into a song. I've got three different packages to choose from, including music, art, produced songs with an intimate acoustic recording or a full band performance. Consider this for yourself or if you know someone - pass it along & help spread the word. 
I want to help create something special… a living breathing memory for you to cherish in the form of music and artwork. This could be a fun and deep connection between us and I would love to help bring your thoughts to life!
I Want to Turn Your Lyrics Into A Song!
Chris Taylor
Check out PACKAGE A 
Send me your poetry or lyrics and I will turn them into a song. Even if it’s journal style and “unformed”… I can work with it! This package includes a Wav. file of your song, emailed to you directly within 30 days. Fully mixed and mastered. ~ $200.00

Check out PACKAGE B 
This package includes a Wav. file of your song, emailed to you, fully mixed and mastered, along with another Wav. file of just the vocal. This gives you the option of putting whatever music you would like over the original vocal. Also includes hand written lyrics within an original piece of art. ~ $500.00

Check out PACKAGE C
This package turns your song into a Full Band production! Different musicians will play guitars, drums, keyboards, saxophone, bass… WHATEVER I FEEL THE SONG CALLS FOR... It will be produced, mixed and mastered. Your song will be emailed to you and I will also create a piece of artwork with your lyrics to go along with it - one of a kind! ~ $700.00

Creatio Ex Nihilo - April 2, 2015


Chris Taylor has been working on an album full of ambient, meditative songs with flashes of soul and sic-fi along with something called surround sound poetry. Chris Taylor is the visionary of this new musical adventure, playing keyboards, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, percussion, harmonica... Mitchell Connell plays lead guitar and effects. Onel Jimenez plays saxophone. Paul Soupiset spoken word poetry. 

You can purchase the album only right here: 

All New Merch! - March 12, 2015

Check out my brand new Limited Edition T-shirt store! All original artwork & design for men and women. New designs added all the time. Help spread the word! Ships Internationally!

Daylight (Track by Track) - February 21, 2015

Daylight (Track by Track)

1. Every Little Thing - is about moving on mentally and spiritually from where I was... And being okay with it. “It’s okay to walk on through, to see the transformation of you” I was writing this song when I found out my mom was in the emergency room hospital, in Upstate NY. I could hear her voice in my mind saying every little thing going to be alright... At the same time I was so afraid she was going to die 1000 miles away from me. "Earth is shaking sky is falling I can hear my momma calling.” 

2. Little King of Everything - my wife is king of the castle… or queen… In other words… She rules my heart. (happily so) I liked the sound of Little King better. I love the way she looks in the morning as she sleeps while the sun is coming up… shining through our windows. “Come on sleepy head, come on back to bed.. let the morning sun shine on and on” ~ This is a not so simple love song with a killer guitar by Mitchell Connell. 

3. Dogtown - This was the state of my heart. Nothing to do with skateboarders in CA. “The changing of the seasons in this Dogtown…” My heart was turning cold. Wah wah guitars & acoustic rhythms. I dreamt this melody and had Onel learn it on his saxophone, I had Meredith sing it on vocals and Mitchell play it on guitar… It was a perfect trio of sweetness. This became the songs “bridge solo” - stuck in my head in a beautiful way. It is the warmth on a cold day.

4. Set Our Sail - is about how me and her are gonna make it through anything. And how God's grace is always there, even if the church community abandons you and judges you. And how ultimately, I bought the lie that God abandoned me in my darkest hour. He didn't.

5. Find Joy (Whatever The Day Brings) ~ I thought I was writing about someone else when I realized it was about myself. And how after I left the church over 5 years ago… my small community shattered. Friends became distant, I became paranoid, stayed home, focused on my family… years of self-doubt and self-hatred slowly turned into acceptance and forgiveness. I found out, I don’t need a community of 500 people that say they will be there for you… when the shit hits the fan… most of them won’t be there. The ones who REALLY matter, are the ones living under your roof. THAT is your community. Anything else is a bonus of love and true friendship.

6. Same Way Twice - I loved this line “Things Never Happen The Same Way Twice” so I built a song around it. Charlie Haley came up with the reoccurring guitar riff. I added fuzz upon fuzz to it… to make it sound like a 60’s glam jam or some lost Patti Smith jig. Mitchell Connell plays a killer solo with more fuzz. One can’t have too much fuzz. I love me some rock and roll fuzz.

7. Ragamuffin Song - it's about the physical and mental abuse I suffered while living with my father. And how I had carried this deep hatred for myself which caused me to do things I've regretted throughout the years. I’m not blaming him for my own choices in life… but it’ part of my history. I’d rather write a song than pay for therapy. I’d rather use that money to pay my rent.

8. Daylight - a song about transformation and redemption.

9. Slide - an experiment that turned into a song. That feeling of utter loneliness whether you’re in the sunlight or moonlight… as if nothing can comfort you. “All you want to do is slide right down… the arms of love… the arms of love” Like you’re trying to hide yourself in God but feel like you're a million miles away from whatever that is.

10. Goodnight, Goodnight - is a lullaby. Plain and simple. It’s my way of filling up your head with a sweet melody.

Chris Taylor Artwork on Tshirts! - January 29, 2015

"One should either BE a work of art, or WEAR a work of art." Oscar Wilde 

Not everyone can afford an original work of art on a canvas. But almost everybody can afford to buy a T shirt! I wanted to make my artwork available with weekly new designs for anyone and everyone to take with them wherever they go. Your style. Your statement!

Available in both Men's and Women's styles. I'm working with both American Apparel and Bella Tees so you get the highest quality shirts. Check in often as new designs will be made available weekly! 

Live outside of the United States? No problem... Tshirt ship internationally!




Chris Taylor's new album Daylight - October 14, 2014


The album “Daylight" is available now on CD or download via these fine retailers:

Lo-Fidelity Records - & Digital)
iTunes -
Amazon -
Google Play -

My entire back catalog can be found at:




Celebrating the upcoming release of his new album, Daylight, Taylor is embarking on the first leg of the Misery Loves Company Tour with Michael Roe of the 77's and Derri Daugherty of The Choir, through October.

"When I was a teenager, I would play my 77’s and Choir albums as loud as I could in my headphones (the folks wouldn’t let me listen to Rock and Roll in the house). I got lost in Michael Roe’s wild guitar solos and Derri Daugherty’s atmospheric sonics. I was deep down in the heart of Texas, and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever see these musicians in a live setting… let alone actually tour with them!! Well, it’s a surreal dream come true for me to hit the road with Mike and Derri through the last half of October and beyond. All the excitement of the tour led me to record a new album, called Daylight, and it’s coming out through Lo-Fidelity Records later this month! There is nothing more special than taking our music to people who want to hear it… We are so grateful to have folks all over the country willing to make this happen!” ~ Chris Taylor


Here is a complete list of tour dates:

DAYLIGHT IS COMING! - September 26, 2014

Chris Taylor and his live band... Charlie Haley on percussion, Onel Jimenez on saxophone and Mitchell Connell on electric guitar with special guests Jeff Elbel on bass, Meredith Payne on vocals and Paul Soupiset on mandolin have recorded 10 songs for a brand new album called Daylight. "I'm gearing up for a tour in October with Michael Roe and Derri Daugherty and this little EP bloomed into a full length album" said Taylor. Details soon on the official release date.

Free Album "Free Soul" Now on Noisetrade! - July 13, 2014

A brand new collection of my favorite songs throughout the years... called Free Soul... now on Noisetrade!

Traveler's Hotel 2014 Accolades - July 8, 2014

Looks like Traveler's Hotel is receiving some good press this year, making several critics Top 20 of 2014 so far... Under The Radar and The Phantom Tollbooth are among those singing the albums' praises.

What's Going Down? - June 1, 2014

I've been spending my days and nights creating artwork, new paintings and performing live music around San Antonio. I'm writing and learning new songs for a secret project I'm involved in… something totally out of this world and off the radar! I can't wait to share it with you… Stay tuned! 

22 Confirmed Dates on the "More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be" Tour! - March 10, 2014

77s & Michael Roe Tour Dates

Michael Roe "More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be" Tour with Special Guest: Chris Taylor - February 4, 2014

MikeRoeChrisTaylor.jpgThis tour starts in March through April 2014… If you would like to book a date… please contact Jeffrey at for full details ASAP


San Antonio, Boerne, Austin, New Braunfels, San Marcos and Beyond?!


How would you like to turn your Living Room into a ‘Listening Room’ ?


How would you like to both see and hear my entire new album, Travelers Hotel, performed live and unplugged, in your own house?


I am taking out an acoustic duo/trio starting in Jan 2014 to bring Travelers Hotel to your house!


If you’re interested, please ~ email me  ~ me for details! 

Travelers Hotel - San Antonio Express News - Write Up - January 10, 2014

Taylor's 'Hotel'

Speaking of prolific singing songwriters, here's Chris Taylor. A creative multithreat, Taylor is a singer, songwriter, guitar ace and real-deal visual artist. Taylor hit the local music scene running, full speed, 20 years ago with the band Love Coma. Like Butch Morgan, Taylor has no trouble bridging and fusing the spiritual and secular music sectors.

A creative whirlwind, Taylor has a quick mind and equally quick fingers. Songs he's made up, onstage and on the spot while working solo, can stun, captivate and resonate. Inspired by U2 and other committed rockers, Taylor has long crafted soulful rock 'n' roll.

Saturday, Taylor, working with a seven-piece band, will celebrate the release of his new CD, “Travelers Hotel,” with an 8 p.m. show at Local Coffee, 700 E. Sonterra Blvd., No. 1113. The event also will feature a silent auction for a book of Taylor's artwork and writings. And, he'll give away one of his paintings at the end of the night.

According to notes accompanying Taylor's “Travelers Hotel” page at, he figured he was done writing and recording music because he already recorded a lot of albums. But when he passed the Travelers Hotel sign in downtown San Antonio, characters, ideas and sounds came to him in a rush. So he got to work.

The result is first-class, fired-up songwriter rock. Songs including “Travelers Hotel,” “Flip Side of Love” and “Hallelujah What's it to Ya” will make listeners more than a little happy that Taylor took that downtown stroll.

~Jim Beal Jr. (San Antonio Express News)

The Travelers Hotel CD Release Concert is set at Local Coffee! - January 6, 2014

CD Release Poster

The Hotel Band:

Sarah Martin of Lady Jane Grey on cello and vocals

David Martin of Lady Jane Grey on keyboards

Charlie Haley on percussion and vocals

Onel Jimenez on saxophone

Mitchell Connell of Melissa Ludwig Band on lead guitar

Balla Dear on acoustic guitar and vocals

Who knows what other surprises are in store for that evening!?


The band will take over the hot-spot, Local Coffee on Sonterra Blvd and play the entire Travelers Hotel album (plus the bonus tracks on the digital release) starting at 8pm sharp… This is the same venue Taylor had his CD party for the Blue CD back in 2011.

So… get there early for a good seat….


The concert will be filmed and recorded.

There will be a silent auction for The Big Black Book full of artwork, lyrics and thoughts behind the record.

There will be a painting giveaway at the end of the night.

And if that's not enough, we are releasing Postcards From the End of Time on CD for the very first time as well! 

Be there!

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