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Chris Taylor: News

All New Merch! - March 12, 2015

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Daylight (Track by Track) - February 21, 2015

Daylight (Track by Track)

1. Every Little Thing - is about moving on mentally and spiritually from where I was... And being okay with it. “It’s okay to walk on through, to see the transformation of you” I was writing this song when I found out my mom was in the emergency room hospital, in Upstate NY. I could hear her voice in my mind saying every little thing going to be alright... At the same time I was so afraid she was going to die 1000 miles away from me. "Earth is shaking sky is falling I can hear my momma calling.” 

2. Little King of Everything - my wife is king of the castle… or queen… In other words… She rules my heart. (happily so) I liked the sound of Little King better. I love the way she looks in the morning as she sleeps while the sun is coming up… shining through our windows. “Come on sleepy head, come on back to bed.. let the morning sun shine on and on” ~ This is a not so simple love song with a killer guitar by Mitchell Connell. 

3. Dogtown - This was the state of my heart. Nothing to do with skateboarders in CA. “The changing of the seasons in this Dogtown…” My heart was turning cold. Wah wah guitars & acoustic rhythms. I dreamt this melody and had Onel learn it on his saxophone, I had Meredith sing it on vocals and Mitchell play it on guitar… It was a perfect trio of sweetness. This became the songs “bridge solo” - stuck in my head in a beautiful way. It is the warmth on a cold day.

4. Set Our Sail - is about how me and her are gonna make it through anything. And how God's grace is always there, even if the church community abandons you and judges you. And how ultimately, I bought the lie that God abandoned me in my darkest hour. He didn't.

5. Find Joy (Whatever The Day Brings) ~ I thought I was writing about someone else when I realized it was about myself. And how after I left the church over 5 years ago… my small community shattered. Friends became distant, I became paranoid, stayed home, focused on my family… years of self-doubt and self-hatred slowly turned into acceptance and forgiveness. I found out, I don’t need a community of 500 people that say they will be there for you… when the shit hits the fan… most of them won’t be there. The ones who REALLY matter, are the ones living under your roof. THAT is your community. Anything else is a bonus of love and true friendship.

6. Same Way Twice - I loved this line “Things Never Happen The Same Way Twice” so I built a song around it. Charlie Haley came up with the reoccurring guitar riff. I added fuzz upon fuzz to it… to make it sound like a 60’s glam jam or some lost Patti Smith jig. Mitchell Connell plays a killer solo with more fuzz. One can’t have too much fuzz. I love me some rock and roll fuzz.

7. Ragamuffin Song - it's about the physical and mental abuse I suffered while living with my father. And how I had carried this deep hatred for myself which caused me to do things I've regretted throughout the years. I’m not blaming him for my own choices in life… but it’ part of my history. I’d rather write a song than pay for therapy. I’d rather use that money to pay my rent.

8. Daylight - a song about transformation and redemption.

9. Slide - an experiment that turned into a song. That feeling of utter loneliness whether you’re in the sunlight or moonlight… as if nothing can comfort you. “All you want to do is slide right down… the arms of love… the arms of love” Like you’re trying to hide yourself in God but feel like you're a million miles away from whatever that is.

10. Goodnight, Goodnight - is a lullaby. Plain and simple. It’s my way of filling up your head with a sweet melody.

Chris Taylor Artwork on Tshirts! - January 29, 2015

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Chris Taylor's new album Daylight - October 14, 2014


The album “Daylight" is available now on CD or download via these fine retailers:

Lo-Fidelity Records - & Digital)
iTunes -
Amazon -
Google Play -

My entire back catalog can be found at:




Celebrating the upcoming release of his new album, Daylight, Taylor is embarking on the first leg of the Misery Loves Company Tour with Michael Roe of the 77's and Derri Daugherty of The Choir, through October.

"When I was a teenager, I would play my 77’s and Choir albums as loud as I could in my headphones (the folks wouldn’t let me listen to Rock and Roll in the house). I got lost in Michael Roe’s wild guitar solos and Derri Daugherty’s atmospheric sonics. I was deep down in the heart of Texas, and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever see these musicians in a live setting… let alone actually tour with them!! Well, it’s a surreal dream come true for me to hit the road with Mike and Derri through the last half of October and beyond. All the excitement of the tour led me to record a new album, called Daylight, and it’s coming out through Lo-Fidelity Records later this month! There is nothing more special than taking our music to people who want to hear it… We are so grateful to have folks all over the country willing to make this happen!” ~ Chris Taylor


Here is a complete list of tour dates:

DAYLIGHT IS COMING! - September 26, 2014

Chris Taylor and his live band... Charlie Haley on percussion, Onel Jimenez on saxophone and Mitchell Connell on electric guitar with special guests Jeff Elbel on bass, Meredith Payne on vocals and Paul Soupiset on mandolin have recorded 10 songs for a brand new album called Daylight. "I'm gearing up for a tour in October with Michael Roe and Derri Daugherty and this little EP bloomed into a full length album" said Taylor. Details soon on the official release date.

Free Album "Free Soul" Now on Noisetrade! - July 13, 2014

A brand new collection of my favorite songs throughout the years... called Free Soul... now on Noisetrade!

Traveler's Hotel 2014 Accolades - July 8, 2014

Looks like Traveler's Hotel is receiving some good press this year, making several critics Top 20 of 2014 so far... Under The Radar and The Phantom Tollbooth are among those singing the albums' praises.

What's Going Down? - June 1, 2014

I've been spending my days and nights creating artwork, new paintings and performing live music around San Antonio. I'm writing and learning new songs for a secret project I'm involved in… something totally out of this world and off the radar! I can't wait to share it with you… Stay tuned! 

22 Confirmed Dates on the "More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be" Tour! - March 10, 2014

77s & Michael Roe Tour Dates

Michael Roe "More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be" Tour with Special Guest: Chris Taylor - February 4, 2014

MikeRoeChrisTaylor.jpgThis tour starts in March through April 2014… If you would like to book a date… please contact Jeffrey at for full details ASAP


San Antonio, Boerne, Austin, New Braunfels, San Marcos and Beyond?!


How would you like to turn your Living Room into a ‘Listening Room’ ?


How would you like to both see and hear my entire new album, Travelers Hotel, performed live and unplugged, in your own house?


I am taking out an acoustic duo/trio starting in Jan 2014 to bring Travelers Hotel to your house!


If you’re interested, please ~ email me  ~ me for details! 

Travelers Hotel - San Antonio Express News - Write Up - January 10, 2014

Taylor's 'Hotel'

Speaking of prolific singing songwriters, here's Chris Taylor. A creative multithreat, Taylor is a singer, songwriter, guitar ace and real-deal visual artist. Taylor hit the local music scene running, full speed, 20 years ago with the band Love Coma. Like Butch Morgan, Taylor has no trouble bridging and fusing the spiritual and secular music sectors.

A creative whirlwind, Taylor has a quick mind and equally quick fingers. Songs he's made up, onstage and on the spot while working solo, can stun, captivate and resonate. Inspired by U2 and other committed rockers, Taylor has long crafted soulful rock 'n' roll.

Saturday, Taylor, working with a seven-piece band, will celebrate the release of his new CD, “Travelers Hotel,” with an 8 p.m. show at Local Coffee, 700 E. Sonterra Blvd., No. 1113. The event also will feature a silent auction for a book of Taylor's artwork and writings. And, he'll give away one of his paintings at the end of the night.

According to notes accompanying Taylor's “Travelers Hotel” page at, he figured he was done writing and recording music because he already recorded a lot of albums. But when he passed the Travelers Hotel sign in downtown San Antonio, characters, ideas and sounds came to him in a rush. So he got to work.

The result is first-class, fired-up songwriter rock. Songs including “Travelers Hotel,” “Flip Side of Love” and “Hallelujah What's it to Ya” will make listeners more than a little happy that Taylor took that downtown stroll.

~Jim Beal Jr. (San Antonio Express News)

The Travelers Hotel CD Release Concert is set at Local Coffee! - January 6, 2014

CD Release Poster

The Hotel Band:

Sarah Martin of Lady Jane Grey on cello and vocals

David Martin of Lady Jane Grey on keyboards

Charlie Haley on percussion and vocals

Onel Jimenez on saxophone

Mitchell Connell of Melissa Ludwig Band on lead guitar

Balla Dear on acoustic guitar and vocals

Who knows what other surprises are in store for that evening!?


The band will take over the hot-spot, Local Coffee on Sonterra Blvd and play the entire Travelers Hotel album (plus the bonus tracks on the digital release) starting at 8pm sharp… This is the same venue Taylor had his CD party for the Blue CD back in 2011.

So… get there early for a good seat….


The concert will be filmed and recorded.

There will be a silent auction for The Big Black Book full of artwork, lyrics and thoughts behind the record.

There will be a painting giveaway at the end of the night.

And if that's not enough, we are releasing Postcards From the End of Time on CD for the very first time as well! 

Be there!


UPDATE: If you have pre-ordered either the $50 package or the $20 package of Travelers Hotel - your CD's and artwork will be in the mail THIS WEEK!

THANKS TO MY FRIENDS AND FANS: Because of you, I was able to pay for a short run of 100 CDs of Travelers Hotel and create a double sided 8 1/2" x 7" art print! Also, I've painted all of your 11x14" inch original paintings to go along with your orders!

THE OFFER FOR ORIGINAL ARTWORK ALONG WITH YOUR TRAVELERS HOTEL ALBUM STILL STANDS!!!! Just message me on Facebook, Twitter or email or find me through PayPal at to place your order.



The high quality, 15 track (three bonus songs) digital download of Travelers Hotel is now available at for only $10.00

Chris Taylor has created a Lo-Fi "kickstarter" type of campaign without actually going through Kickstarter. People have stepped up to help get this album off the ground, financially speaking. Helping to cover the costs of art design, duplication and production of the physical CD and promotional materials to go with it. It's very much a grass roots campaign, if there ever was one! To all those who have helped support - THANK YOU! 

If you would like to help support the Travelers Hotel campaign… here are several ways of doing so:

$50 support gets you the Travelers Hotel CD, an 11x14" original CT painting and the 8.5x7" framable art card…. (add $10 for shipping)

$20 support gets you the Travelers Hotel CD and the 8.5x7" framable art card…. (add $10 for shipping)


Or you can just get creative and let us know how you would like to help! 

FRALOS FIRST FRIDAYS in 2014 - December 19, 2013

Fralos First Friday Poster

Chris Taylor will be playing the First Friday of every month in 2014 at Fralos Art of Pizza. If you've never been to Fralos you are missing out! Amazing food with both indoor and outdoor patio under the trees seating… not to mention their support for local and national music! Mark your calendars and plan to bring your friends and family to the Travelers Hotel live shows - FRALOS FIRST FRIDAYS! - starting at 7pm

T-Shirts - December 15, 2013

T-Shirts 2013

The first run of T-Shirts are here! Who is the character on the shirt, you ask? Why it's just another Chris Taylor self portrait! The shirts are selling quickly… and will only have a limited run before the next design arrives. $15.00 plus shipping. (PayPal) or live at the gigs.

The Travelers Hotel Campaign has Begun! - December 3, 2013

UPDATE: The high quality, 15 track (three bonus songs) digital download of Travelers Hotel is now available at for only $10.00

Chris Taylor has created a Lo-Fi "kickstarter" type of campaign without actually going through Kickstarter. People have stepped up to help get this album off the ground, financially speaking. Helping to cover the costs of art design, duplication and production of the physical CD and promotional materials to go with it. It's very much a grass roots campaign, if there ever was one! To all those who have helped support - THANK YOU! 

If you would like to help support the Travelers Hotel campaign… here are several ways of doing so:

$50 support gets you the Travelers Hotel CD, an 11x14" original CT painting and the 8.5x7" framable art card…. (add $10 for shipping)

$20 support gets you the Travelers Hotel CD and the 8.5x7" framable art card…. (add $10 for shipping)


Or you can just get creative and let us know how you would like to help! 


TRAVELERS HOTEL - The New Album is Here! - November 28, 2013

Coming in December of 2013… Travelers Hotel will arrive in two formats: a physical CD and a high quality Digital Download Album complete with bonus tracks. The album will feature 12 new tracks, produced and played by Chris Taylor, recorded September through November 2013.

Official Track List:

1. Travelers Hotel - a tip of the hat to Lou Reed. Sets up a location for the record and has quite a cast of characters!

2. Flip Side of Love - a big rocking pop song about "indifference"

3. Lovestory for the Brokenhearted - a modern day old time hymn with dose of self-doubt amidst the faith.

4. Three Sixty - "Define yourself as radically loved, all else is an illusion" ~ the ending lyric.

5. I Love You - A love song to someone you've been through the trenches of life with.

6. Hallelujah What's it to Ya? - A poetic jangle with the amps up to 11.

7. Laughing at the Universe - Over 6 minutes of some of Chris Taylor's finest lyrics and slide guitar. And also is the only song to name drop both Joseph Arthur and Bill Mallonee.

8. Yes - Is the ONLY living thing. The word "Yes" sets life into motion.

9. Press On - "I love putting lyrics of struggle in a catchy pop song… MY kind of pop, anyways!"

10. One in the Spirit - We are supposed to be a people of faith, connected, but we still can't get along!

11. Words of a Woman - A tribute to woman everywhere, younger, older, wife, lover, sister, mother...

12. Forgiveness - Whether you need forgiveness or need to forgive someone "Don't make me work for it, beg for it, don't make me cry for it, die for it, don't make me climb that ladder, never reach it… preach it, teach it… but never receive it" This song is my story but it's for everyone.

New Album in the Works! - November 16, 2013

Never one to rest on past musical recordings…. Chris Taylor is in the middle of a new album, under the title of Travelers Hotel. "I've been reading a lot of poetry and listening to The Waterboys… so all that is bound to seep through into what I'm doing. But don't expect it to recognize these things… I'm my own chainsaw… so I build it up and chop it all back down before you ever hear it. I've got three different versions of one song called "Words of a Woman" - which a friend of mine, fellow musician Gary Loper, came up with the title and I decided to write some lyrics to it…. then months later…. I decided to put some music to it…. three completely different pieces of music! That's the first time I've ever done anything like that with one of my songs. Nothing was to precious to deconstruct and rebuild. I've chosen which version may go on the final album… But it's great fun to fit those lyrics into different worlds of music. Then there's my tip of the hat to Lou Reed… whom I've always respected and never understood…. But I didn't need to understand him… As an artist and musician…. there was always something instinctual about his music… I could just feel it. The song "Travelers Hotel" is my own way of saying thank you for your life, Lou! We've never met… but we've met a thousand times."


As of now, there is no official release date for Travelers Hotel but we will be the first to let you know when it's heading your way.

Talk Now SA Theme Song - May 8, 2013

Chris Taylor has written and recorded the new Talk Now SA theme song and shot a video with the two hosts Chris Duel and Vanessa Macias. The video will debut on the show Monday May 20th at 10am CST. Tune in at:

If you care to search through earlier episodes... You can find 2 featuring Taylor's music and art.

THE NEW ALBUM IS HERE! - April 5, 2013

POSTCARDS FROM THE END OF TIME was officially released April 4th, 2013. Ten brand new recordings written, performed and sung by Chris Taylor. You can purchase it here



6 Song Video EP - January 21, 2013

Chris Taylor is set to release 6 videos shot in his living room during an acoustic performance with drummer Charlie Haley, who has been playing live with Taylor for the last year. The video track list includes: Down Goes The Day, Messed Up For You, Goodnight, Goodnight, Tiny Little Lights, Drug Called Doubt and Stranger's Clothes.

The videos were filmed by Jason Ytuarte on a Sunday morning in January 2013.

Subscribe to

Taylor will release the videos on Facebook and Twitter very soon.

In conjunction with the videos, Taylor will release the audio as a "live ep" as of yet untitled.


It's finally here! Blue has been born onto CD complete with an extra track (not listed) called Heartbreak Radio. The Blue CD Release Party will be held at Local Coffee (700 E. Sonterra Blvd) on July 13th from 7-9pm and will have some of Taylor's artwork as give-away prizes during the night - plus a live performance of every track on the album. Don't miss it! Joining Taylor will be Charlie Haley on percussion and vocals and Onel Jimenez on the saxophone. 

Bob Dylan Birthday Tribute - May 22, 2012

Thursday night May 24th at Blue Star Brewing Co. in San Antonio musicians will celebrate Bob Dylan with his own songs from 7-11pm.  Chris Taylor will be performing a 35 minute set of Dylan tunes with a full band. $10 at the door. Be there!


Doors open at 6pm

Show starts at 7pm


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