Born On The Beat ~ New Album Coming!

Born On The Beat is wrapping up production and mastering and is set for a fall release in 2018. To get you ready for a sublime powerhouse of a record... we want to give you the first listen to Ravages Of Time, which has been reimagined by producer Misty Jones. Stream it here and turn it up! 

Produced and Remixed by Misty Jones

Words and Music by Chris Taylor (c) 2018

Chris Taylor: vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion

Mitchell Connell: electric guitar

Anthony Gravely: drums

Justin Schneider: bass

Misty Jones: additional loops & production

Mastered by Bruce Neher at Disc & Dat

Will be featured as a bonus track on the forthcoming album, Born On The Beat, due in the fall of 2018.

Ravages Of Time

Prison is designed to break us down like specimens in the zoo

Dangerous to each other, til we're cukoo, cock-a-doodle-doo

the poorest of us lick the jailor's dust off the heal of his iron shoe

Rich Man picks his teeth each night with the splinters of our pain

throws them down a deep dark hole that he's filled with cheap champagne

He leaves a wake of lost and forsaken in the gutter of his campaign 



Ping Pong in oblivion

Somehow we will survive

Can you tell me how to overcome

The ravages of time


The law grinds down the poor ghost town and the rich men rule the law

Three piece suits and tongues like ties, trapped in the devil's claw

Satan is so much wiser now than he ever was before

Splatter on the radio and there's a howl in my head

I need the joy of a melody, to get me up and out of bed

Somewhere beyond these prison bars, the moon is turning cherry red




Ping Pong in oblivion 

Somehow we will survive 

Can you tell me how to overcome 

The ravages of time


Without beginning, oblivion

Without beginning, oblivion without love