My Story : Chapters 1 - 4


Chris Taylor is fearless musical and artistic performer from Upstate New York and currently residing in San Antonio, TX. Whether he is solo, with an acoustic guitar and harmonica or with his band, you can expect a passionate musical experience. “Here's a guy with a voice reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, whose musical approach should appeal to you if you hate bubblegum and want something with more substance!” ~ Mike Rimmer  

He has cowritten two songs with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and has many albums to his credit. His latest album, Lovers, Thieves, Fools + Pretenders, is an intense album filled with haunted beauty, rock and roll and electronica flavors. Here, the artist has reimagined the musical landscape and embraced fresh settings and new creative possibilities without relinquishing his unique vocal presence and artistic voice.

Since the early 90's, Taylor is the primary writer and visionary for the band Love Coma, which includes drummer Chris Dodds, guitar players Chris Mattingly & Mitchell Connell.  Their new, self titled album is streaming on all platforms and features Matt Slocum on guitar, bass and cello (original guitar player for Love Coma & Sixpence None The Richer), Zeenie Summers (Vocalist with The Waterboys) and JJ Plasencio (bass guitar, keyboards and cello).

He regularly does live shows where he plays music, either solo or with his band, and makes paintings live on stage, during the songs. He sells his music on his Bandcamp page, through his Patreon site and at, where he also sells lithographs and original paintings. We’re all aware of strong artists, great musicians that play from their soul while struggling to make a living in relative obscurity. Lovers, Thieves, Fools + Pretenders is a strong enough album to attract a larger following. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. ~ Brian Q. Newcomb