Love Coma

Photograph by Jojo Dancer Photography

Love Coma is an independent five piece rock and roll band formed in the early 1990s by founding members Chris Taylor and drummer Chris Dodds. They are based in San Antonio, Texas. The group disbanded in 1997 following the bankruptcy of its record label but reformed during the pandemic 23 years later with a self-titled album out now and new material in the works.

Critics have compared the band's sound as "a familiar 90's guitar sound mixed with modern rhythmic energies." Think of Simple Minds meet the Rolling Stones meet The Cult, while band members cite other influences such as Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and The Waterboys. 

The Illinois Entertainer says: "Old friends should celebrate Love Coma’s return even as the hungry band connects with a new audience. With riffs and grooves to move the body and words to move the heart and mind, consider Love Coma to be a statement of renewed purpose and second debut, 24 years in the making." 

The Dallas Morning News, wrote that the music is "smart and subtle, seductive even."


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Jojo Dancer Photography

Jojo Dancer Photography

Jojo Dancer Photography

Jojo Dancer Photography

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