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Love Coma is an indie / alternative band formed in the early 1990s based in the San Antonio area of Texas. The group disbanded in 1997 following the bankruptcy of its record label. 

Critics have compared the band's sound to that of Simple Minds and The Mission UK, and band members cite other influences such as The Waterboys and The 77s. 

The Dallas Morning News, reviewing the album Language of Fools, wrote that the music is "smart and subtle, seductive even."



I am in a band called Love Coma. This group was spearheaded by myself and drummer, Chris Dodds along with Chris Mattingly on guitar. (Our original guitar player, Matt Slocum had started a collaboration with Leigh Bingham & formed Sixpence None The Richer) Jeff Duncan played bass on both albums. After Language of Fools was recorded, we had a revolving door of guitar players and bass players until, realizing we couldn't survive financially... I called the band quits in 97.  

Chris Dodds had been my drummer since a later version of Chris Taylor & Windows in the late 80's & early 90's. He's been the one constant through an ever changing line up of Love Coma.  

To this day, we've remained friends and in touch. By releasing these videos, we are both reliving the Love Coma years and remembering just how exciting they were.  

Michael Roe of the band 77's had a huge part in shaping our direction and our sound during 1995. After producing and playing on our album, he gave us a kind of bold new attitude while making Fools that we didn't have before. We hit the road and toured until we couldn't tour no more!

The following videos capture the making of our album, Language of Fools in May of 1995 in Sacramento, CA.

Love Coma Albums:

Soul Rash 1993

Soul Rash 1993

Language of Fools 1995

Language of Fools 1995

The Making Of: Language Of Fools