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"I caught Taylor live on acoustic tour with the duo Kerosene Halo, at a club in Columbus, OH and saw his folk/rock side, heard his lovely soaring vocals. Taylor modulates his vocals between that high soulful, rocker voice, which has been favorably compared to Jeff Buckley, to a low growl in songs that describe a neighborhood like the one inhabited by Tom Waits ."

~The Fire Note

 “The lush production work and instrumentation are enough to make this an enjoyable record to listen to. But Taylor’s haunting lyrics and rhythmic, driving vocals give these songs depth. They make you want to listen to them again and again.”

~ Chris Moyse

 Chris Taylor is a creator. I have met 100s of artists from across the world in my touring. Chris, stands head and shoulders amongst the most prolific. The shear amount of output he has produced over his career is mind-boggling. I have often referred to him as my patron-saint. Their is a zeal, a holy zeal - if you will, in his work. He creates like his life depends on it, and with a message... a message of love and light. You see his soul in his work. 

I believe his latest offering Lovers, Thieves, Fools, and Pretenders will go down as his definitive, signature work. It has been masterfully produced into a psychedelic soundscape which will leave you at times entranced, with a burning message that God knows we need. Haunting, and sincere, this is a record that deserves an honest hearing.”

~ Abe Partridge


Taylor’s album is a bit of a surprise considering he’s better known for a more traditional rock sound. His new album Lovers, Thieves, Fools + Pretenders sounds like it was produced by industrial royalty Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. 

Yes, really. Punctuated by harsh electronic drums and atmospheric noise, the 10-song LP combines post-rock elements, cold industrial textures and moments of bluesy Southern rock. This might be our favorite Chris Taylor record to date.

San Antonio Current

Short Bio 

Chris Taylor is a fearless musical and artistic performer from San Antonio, TX. Whether he is solo, with an acoustic guitar and harmonica or with his band you can expect a passionate musical experience. “Here's a guy with a voice reminiscent of Jeff Buckley's falsetto, meets the grit of Bob Dylan, whose musical approach should appeal to you if you hate bubblegum and want something with more substance!” Mike Rimmer - UK press release 

He has co-written two songs with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, one of those songs will be featured on a new album due out in early 2024. His current work Lovers, Thieves, Fools & Pretenders is available now on double vinyl, cassette tape & all the streaming platforms. 

Taylor is the primary writer and visionary for his ever-changing band, Love Coma, who have a self titled release on vinyl and CD and also streaming across all platforms. 

Chris Taylor is an artist in every sense of the word. No two Chris Taylor shows have been the same. Whether on acoustic or electric guitar, the performances are thrilling. Chris Taylor paints and sings at the same time, creating a unique artistic experience right in front of you.

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